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Recent work has appeared in Town Creek Poetry, Redactions, Ruminate, the Cresset, Smartish Pace, Yalobusha Review, New South, and Red Rock Review.

An Unfinished Sky

The clouds are not afraid

of this soft death, this

falling apart—first a finger,

just below the knuckle,

then whatever else your ailment chooses.

The clouds fall back to earth,

little explosions in the autumn soil,

but even the rain will kill you now,

the black business of business,

hiding in shadows that make trout toxic.

The Washington Fishing Regulations asks women

of child-bearing age to please not eat more

than one fish a year from the Upper Spokane River,

and further, young men, please do not go on.

Your farm-raised fish are sterile.

Climb no peaks you have not named.

Stop feeling the wind as you set your camp,

the ground is uneven, and you will never find peace

in this hour before darkness.












  • March 30

Danger! Live Writers

Jones Radiator, 7:00 p.m.

with Kaitlin Schmidt, Tom Gribble, & Lynn Rigney Schott

  • April 13

Get Lit! Local Faculty

Barrister Winery, 4:30

with Jonathan Johnson, Polly Buckingham, Sam Ligon, Tod Marshall, Tim Greenup, Jonathan Frey, and Shawn Vestal

Broadside for Rock & Sling. Art by Ida Liffner. Poem by Kevin Goodan.

Broadside for Rock & Sling. Art by Ida Liffner. Poem by Kevin Goodan.


I'm not a designer so much as a compositer. I find good art and put it on things. I arrange text.