These poems are companions to Jeffrey Dodd's "Dear Russel Nakagawa" poems. A little backstory: A man's wife  buys him a copy of Abbey Road at a yard sale. The record is deeply scratched, and the man is deeply offended. He writes letters to the original owner, Russel Nakagawa. Russel responds with the "Kind Sir" poems.


Kind sir,


Forgive me if I speak so plainly,

reticence is a small fire I tend.

You wish, I think, for the blade,

for some just law. I can understand.

How to explain anger and accident.

Surely you’ve had a night when

historic low-pressure systems

conspired with delivery routes

and the only loaf of bread you wanted

was unavailable, was, indeed, sold out.

Imagine such despair! I admit

an hour of recklessness.


Hyperbole and bile. I understand you,

vastly. I understand you oceans. You are

my mother, my father, kind sir,

buyer-of-my-things, knower-

of-my-thoughts. If I remember correctly,

you received a discount from market value.






published in Floating Bridge Review, 7, 2014.